Magiconthewater: opera and cruises, dinner in Budapest.

A pleasant cruises in Budapest, on the Danube and the city's sights, the fine dinner and operetta programs with the hungarian capital's night lights.

In our unique performances can our guests be delighted with popular opera, operetta and musical hits, Italian and Spanish songs (performed in original languages), marvellous instrumental solos as well as classical and folklore dances, as well as Palotash, Wiener Waltz, Step, Flamenco or BellyDance performed in beautiful costumes.

Sightseeing and Dinner CruisesontheDanubein Budapest. Do not miss the great opportunity! Visit the Operetta Ship participate in a river cruise, spend a wonderful evening in the heart of Budapest, and listen to great tunes!

You can enjoy a selection of the most popular passages of operettas, operas, musicals, Italian and Spanish songs in original languages as well as instrumental solos, classical, belly, flamenco, step and especially Hungarian folk dances in spectacular costumes!

Erkel:  László Hunyadi - Palotás (dance)

Lehár:  The Land of Smiles - You are my heart's delight

Gershwin:  I got a rhythm

Step dance:  Charleston

Stolz:  Im Prater...

Mozart:  Don Giovanni - Champagne aria

Saint-Säens:  Swan (violin solo)

Huszka:  Gül baba - „A kulacsom kotyogós"

Massenet:  Meditation

Folk dance:  Stick dance from Upper Tisza Region

J. Strauss:  Bat - Song of Adél

Tsajkovszkij:  Nutknacker - Trepak

Rossini:  Barber of Sevilla - Figaro's Entrée

Puccini:  Bohemian life - Musetta waltz

J.Strauss:  Gipsy Baron - Barinkay's Entrée

Brahms:  Hungarian dances (piano solo)

Capua:  O sole mio

Kálmán:  The Gipsy Princess - Sylvia's Song

Kálmán:  Countess Maritza - Hej cigany...

Gershwin:  Porgy & Bess - Summertime

Leowe:  My Fair Lady - I could dance tonight

Step dance:  Irish dance

Leoncavallo:  Mattinata

Lehár:  The Merry Widow- Vilja Song

J. Strauss:  „The Blue Danube"- Waltz

Monti:  Csárdás

L. Bernstein:  West Side Story: I Feel Pretty

Lehár:  Paganini - Paganini Song

Kálmán:  Countess Maritza - Marica Entreé

Folk dance:  „Legényes" from the Region Szatmár

Lehár:  The Merry Widow - Danilo's Entrée

Belly dance:  Eastern Magic

Kander:  Cabaret

Lara:  Granada

Offenbach:  Hoffmann's Tales - Olympia's Aria

J. Strauss:  Bat - „Csárdás"

Bizet:  Carmen - Torreador Song

Step dance:  Sailor dance

Puccini:  Tosca - Tosca's Prayer

J. Strauss:  Trisch-Trasch-Polka

Toselli:  Serenata

Bizet:  Carmen - Phantasy

Brodszky:  Be my love

Verdi:  Rigoletto - La donna'e mobile

Rossini:  Cats' duet

Folk dance:  Gipsy dance

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Verdi:  Traviata - Brindisi

"Very nice and entertaining show. It was most enjoyable evening. All the best for 2014. Ursula and Laszlo from Munich"